Top 5 sources of Free Quality Fonts

font writing

As a designer I’m always looking for new free fonts, I go through phases where I’m obsessed with one font and it shows up in almost everything I design. Then, without warning. my mind decides it’s seen this font too often and is ‘so over it’. At times like these, I’m always left frantically searching for my new favourite font. Even though Typekit integration is cool, it never seems to be enough for my ever changing font needs.

I’ve managed to find a few places that have really high quality free fonts available and to make life easy for you I’m gonna share those with you today!

  1.  Font Freak – With over 9000 free fonts available Font Freak has been a regular stop of mine, I love that they carry so many unique styles as well as the standard ones that we know and love.
  2. Font Squirrel is my number one free font site. Why? All the fonts are commercially licensed, which means you can start downloading and using them without worrying or spending ages looking into the small print.The fonts on here are also generally of an exceptional quality. Many type designers use the site to trial their newest designs, or offer certain weights for free. Some fonts launched on Font Squirrel have gone on to become indispensable essentials in every designer’s toolbox, making it a great place to catch new type trends. Keep heading back to their Recent edit to spot the next big thing. 
  3. Creative Fabrica – with new fonts coming out all the time, and free commercial licenses, creative fabrica has managed to become a site I regularly check in with. On the downside, most freebies are only available for limited times so you have to constantly check the site and save any fonts you may like in future (??) but their quality is amazing, and the ability to use their fonts in commercial projects is a HUGE plus. 
  4. Google Fonts –  if you’re looking for fonts for your web project, Google fonts is an amazing resource. They generally have fast load times and a wide variety, almost guaranteeing that you can find the perfect font for your project. One thing I LOVE is that they allow you to filter by font styles (Serif, sans serif, display etc) so you’re not just scrolling indefinitely through unnecessary options. 
  5. Behance – this might not seem like the most common place to look for fonts, but I’ve got you covered. No need to aimlessly search through projects to find fonts, click the link here to go directly to a listing of the latest added free fonts on behance. One of the major perks of this option is that these free fonts are generated by graphic designers all around the world, giving you a much wider range of options and some really interesting new ideas! 

There are many many other websites that have lists of fonts available but many of them do not come with proper licensing. The list provided here are the one I most commonly go to to find new and exciting fonts, hope you find it useful! Also, feel free to share any additional places that you go to most often!